Content writing
Our content is designed with relevance in mind. We research whether a piece of content should serve either an educational or commercial need, and apply the right keywords to ensure it is viewed by your ideal audience. No fluff and no guesswork. Just well-researched, high-quality content to turn readers into customers. 
Blog Posts

A well-written blog post will make you the first to solve their informational challenges. The reward? Trust, loyalty, and sales.

When done right, one single blog post can be useful for years. A blog post is not an expense but an investment. For more information on how to get your next blog post written by experts who know strategy and ROI, get in touch with us today.

eBooks & Whitepapers

Long-form content pieces, like eBooks and whitepapers, attract high-quality leads and put you first in their mind.

eBooks and whitepapers can be used to reel in leads with an intention to use your product or services.

These two content pieces don’t just attract leads; they attract leads of a high quality. By understanding the gripes of your ideal audience, and feeding them material your competitors don’t offer, you can grab the attention of qualified buyers and place your business at the windscreen of their mind.


Copywriting is effective communication of your brand. It promises your audience something. It engages, and it injects them with a gut feeling about you using clear and concise messaging. With copywriting, you’re not selling… You’re designing a customer’s point of view.

Copywriting is used in both digital and traditional advertising, on website landing pages, in flyers, brochures and even emails. Clever copywriting, placed on the right channels, can be deadly for acquiring new leads. Bad copywriting, using inconsistent messaging and weak Calls To Action, can leave you with a marketing hangover.

Case Studies

An exceptional customer success story helps leads skip stages in the sales cycle, boosts your lead generation, better qualifies existing leads, and outlines the solutions, benefits and results they can expect when choosing your product or service.

Compelling customer success stories puts them in a satisfied customers’ shoes.

Today’s digital marketplace throws more than 5,000 self-promotional ads per day into our faces because most marketers don’t realise customers don’t care about a business… they care about themselves. They look to others to determine how they should act and decide whether a business or product is right for them by what others say… not what the business says. We call it “social proof”.

Sell through story. That should be the motto of every small business, marketing manager or agency.

Web content

If you think of your business’s website as its home, then its landing pages are the walls – you want them sturdy on the inside and glamorous on the outside.

Landing pages and website copy must be written by both the left and right side of the brain. The writer should be half-scientist, half-artist. Every piece of web copy should have correct placement of targeted keywords, and clear and concise messaging. It should also place visuals in the reader’s mind and position you as a trusted leader in your field.

Keywording is crucial here. Most businesses struggle to get their landing page to rank, and there’s many reasons why. We can change that, with our proven optimisation strategies and tactful, artful writing.

Graphic Design

Free design software and cheap outsourcing platforms have made the graphic design process simple, quick, and budget-friendly. They’ve also made today’s graphic design sloppy and budget-looking.

The experts know that staying on-brand is the key to good graphic design. Your logo is precious. Your fonts, colour palettes, and graphics should be consistent throughout every piece of marketing material you release.

Our in-house graphic design expert has crafted logos, branding, and marketing materials for some of the biggest brands and organisations in the country. Match the pedigree of your business with the quality of your graphic design efforts.

Sunny Fassler
Marketing Manager

As an editor, you really wish there are more writers like Dave in the world! He keeps producing highly engaging articles and content pieces on a variety of topics for us with very little instructions. He’s a joy to work with due to his ability to work independently without much supervision and his creative flair. Thanks Dave, LUEX Magazine wouldn’t be the same without you.

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