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With over a decade of in-house experience in residential real estate and commercial property, you won’t find better content writers or content strategists for your property group. Make no mistake. We are content marketing’s real estate specialists.
Content is perfect for real estate. We know. We’re real estate experts.

Our real estate experience sets us apart from every other content marketing services provider. Before we became content marketers, we were bankers and commercial real estate investors. We know the industry, the jargon, the pain points, and the nuances of the property game. 

We also know why content marketing is perfect for real estate companies. Through content marketing, we typically help real estate companies exceed a marketing ROI of 800%. Organic leads are much higher quality than leads from paid ads. This is because they are actively looking for property professionals and are usually closer to buying, selling, or leasing their property.

Content marketing has great benefits for real estate companies.

1. Knock your competition from Google’s front page with relevant and educational content.

Real estate is often known for its inertia; the industry has barely changed in decades. So, stand out from your competitors by using the highest trending marketing tool: Content.

2. Gain trust and transparency by educating your leads on the nuances of real estate.

Leads learn and you earn their trust.

3. Avoid tire kickers and send sales only the highest quality leads.

How? Leads from content are higher quality than leads from ads.

4. Track lead engagement through robust CRM software.

With a high-quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, you’ll know when to send that crucial follow-up email or remind them about your marketing-leading services.

5. Content is an asset.

Treat content like you would a property investment. You invest in it today with the promise of it increasing in value over time. A blog post today could yield leads for years to come.

Why content marketing is perfect for real estate companies

In an industry where trust and transparency is key to generate new leads, content proves your property nous by educating those looking to buy or sell in your market. Content marketing is PERFECT for real estate companies. Here’s the process for content marketing success in real estate: 

  1. Get your high-quality and educational content ranked on Google. If your audience learns it from you first, you’ve already gained their trust. 
  2. Earn high-quality backlinks through tactical link building with relevant websites. 
  3. Earn leads’ contact details through smart lead capturing tools on your website, using whitepapers, reports or other gated content assets. 
  4. Nurturing these leads through to the Decision-Making stage of the marketing funnel, by relevant and consistent email marketing. 
  5. Track their engagement through a CRM like HubSpot, and optimise the process.
  6. Repeat
How to ensure your real estate content marketing is effective.
1. Educate through expert blog posts.

Blog posts show off your expertise in a mere few hundred words. It’s a brilliant way to turn readers into sales, without the pushy sales pitch. After all, leads don’t care about you – they care about themselves. So, give them something that adds value to their journey through the funnel.

2. Address your clients’ objections through content.

Here’s a tip: List the top 20 objections you get from your leads, and hammer them into high-quality blog posts, web content, and Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) campaigns.

3. Stop writing fluff.

Real estate is complex enough. Those new to the industry want a concise explanation of the industry processes and terms. And those experienced in real estate don’t have the time to navigate through fluffy, vanilla content. So, stop writing fluff. Educate leads with informative and engaging content.

4. Track your results.

The beauty of CRM software, such as HubSpot and Salesforce, is the ability to see what blog posts or landing pages your leads are viewing, and what email marketing efforts are working. You can even set up alerts for your sales team when a lead visits a particular page on your website and reveals their intent to use your services, like your FAQs or pricing.

5. Take advantage of email marketing.

It’s the perfect lead nurturing tool and the most cost-effective way to turn leads into sales. HubSpot has proven it can have a 3,800% Return On Investment when used correctly. We’ll be happy to help. Just ask.

Sunny Fassler
Marketing Manager

As an editor, you really wish there are more writers like Dave in the world! He keeps producing highly engaging articles and content pieces on a variety of topics for us with very little instructions. He’s a joy to work with due to his ability to work independently without much supervision and his creative flair. Thanks Dave, LUEX Magazine wouldn’t be the same without you.

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